change the world with what you create

cauri is a futurist who believes that the world ahead can be brighter than the world behind us. cauri seeks to increase curiosity and critical thinking so that each individual and community can thrive

he has spent 27 years training individuals and ramping up productivity and innovation for teams in companies like National Geographic, AT&T and Sony Pictures. he developed a suite of educational neuroscience-based techniques to teach human skills that unlock greater innovation, collaboration and productivity – without sacrificing happiness and personal satisfaction

He founded Sesh, to make parenting easier using the some soft skill techniques he developed over his career. a toaster comes with a 20 page manual, but a hospital hands cover a child and says “good luck!” Sesh provides neuroscience-backed and psychologically sound technique to help parents to solve their specific challenges. Sesh’s AI gives parents only the resources they need with a minimal investment of time

father, husband, kung fu practitioner, speaker, educator, onewheeler