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look at the things you do every day and see what you can optimise, eliminate or automate.
optimise your work. optimise your life. #Productivity

emergence is an active process: actively look for patterns of activity that work in what you do and embrace these emerging flows. Do what works #lifelonglearning #emergence

🤔 misconception: practice practice practice is the best way to learn
😉 reality: reflection, retrieval and recall are much more efficient
#lifelonglearning #neuroscience

I recently had to research a term I despised: “soft skills” and I was surprised by what I learned

In AI there’s a huge difference between facial recognition (seeing that something is a face) and facial identification (knowing that it is a specific person’s face)Law makers need to understand this key difference so we can innovate for everyone’s benefit #ArtificialIntelligence

Deepfakes techniques get better all the time. We all need to know how easily they can be made so we can be vigilant and not get drawn in by #deepfake content - see the latest

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