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Look where first principles can take you
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Inspiration4 @inspiration4x
The crew of #Inspiration4 had an incredible first day in space! They’ve completed more than 15 orbits around planet Earth since liftoff and made full use of the Dragon cupola.

Everyone of us can benefit from better communication skills. Over 50% of conflict comes from misunderstandings - here’s a great way to improve
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Sesh @goseshyourself
effective communication is key to success, that’s why we created Empath, your AI-powered communication coach! Empath AI will assess your communication and provide coaching for challenges detected

try it with a risk-free trial today at #ai

Keep wearing masks, even when vaccinated. It’s not over yet.
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Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing
⚠️WEAR MASK EVEN IF VACCINATED—Top @WHO leader urges masks against #DeltaVariant even if 2-dose vaxxed. "Vaccine alone won't stop community transmission. People need to use masks consistently, be in ventilated spaces—even if you're vaccinated" #COVID19🧵

look at the things you do every day and see what you can optimise, eliminate or automate.
optimise your work. optimise your life. #Productivity

emergence is an active process: actively look for patterns of activity that work in what you do and embrace these emerging flows. Do what works #lifelonglearning #emergence

🤔 misconception: practice practice practice is the best way to learn
😉 reality: reflection, retrieval and recall are much more efficient
#lifelonglearning #neuroscience

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