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#1 on @ProductHunt feels good - making parenting easier is a joyful job
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We did it, #1 product of the day and #6 for the week on @ProductHunt 💪🏽 Thank you for the support! We're proud of what we have built for parents everywhere.

"Making parenting easier" - three wonderful words! Great to have our product out in the world. Thank you @ProductHunt

The impact of chemical sensors - smell - is grossly underestimated. It will change medicine, dating, climate science, security and much much more. High-Tech Smell Sensors Aim to Sniff Out Disease, Explosives—and Even Moods ⁦ @wsjournal#futuretech

Finding order in chaos is different from imposing order on chaos

I know you play the moron on TV, but you are fully educated, which makes you a criminal and complicit in each of these deaths.

Apparently, I'm a *masterful motivator* like FDR - what about you?

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